We're built to supercharge London's most progressive creative talent. And we are always hunting...

What you’ll do

The Prodigy Project is a custom made internship designed for break-out creators. Over 3 months we teach 3 things – how to make a film, how to make an event and lastly, how to collide them together. Only the most ambitious and inventive need apply.

What you’ll get

A crash course from the entire club. You’ll work with some of the best creative minds in London to rapidly enhance your knowledge, ability and potential. Also, we pay you.

Fern Moutrie in her 2nd week at the club.

Worst case scenario you get a free t-shirt.

“Prodigy is a playground for creative rebels. It puts you at the forefront of a new movement”


@fgmou – Prodigy #001


  • Katie Stelling; taped crusader.